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USACH offers sports and cultural activities for exchange students this second semester

An attractive variety of sporting and cultural activities is being offered by the Department of Sports and Cultural Management for new exchange students starting this second semester.

Our international exchange students learned about the sports and cultural activities offered by USACH thanks to the Department of Sports and Cultural Management. The sports available include volleyball, basketball, weight-lifting, swimming, tennis, soccer, spinning, dance, karate, rock climbing and many more. In the cultural sphere, activities include painting, photography, intro to singing, drawing, film, and other options. 

To start the second semester, the Department of Sports and Cultural Management has decided to present its entire extracurricular offering of courses and workshops in common spaces, which can be used by the university community, while also giving a special talk for exchange students to learn more about how they work, registration and timetables.

“We also want to contribute to the well-rounded education of students coming from other universities in different countries, so that during their time at USACH they can acquire new knowledge and skills through sports, physical activity, culture and the arts. For this, we have courses, in-house tournaments and even the chance to train with the university's sports teams,” says Marcelo Bernal, Head of the Department of Sports and Cultural Management.

French students Alice Puy and Capucine Lefaucheux participated in the talk, and were excited about the courses, “I think there are a lot of sports and cultural courses, and that's really good for us because we don’t have that many options at our university. And it’s really interesting for exchange students because we get the chance to meet a lot of new people. They also explained to us what we can do, and we’re going to try out dance and exercise.”

“We’re interested in rock climbing and volleyball. We play competitive volleyball at our college, so we're going to talk to the professor to join this second semester,” say Quentin Loiseau and Xavier Tezenas, exchange students in the Electrical Engineering program. 

To participate, you only have to register at the Department of Sports and Cultural Management and check the activities available on the official website 

There is still time for students who have not yet registered.