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Renowned Japanese University Aims to Generate Undergraduate Mobility with Our University

A number of preliminary cooperation agreements were established between representatives of Kanagawa University and authorities of our university during an official visit earlier this month. Some of the most noteworthy joint work possibilities include promoting undergraduate student mobility, seeking scientific collaboration for the project Smart City Lab and defining a program in English within the Faculty of Administration and Economics to receive students from Japan.

In the framework of the process that seeks to increase the internationalization of our university, the Kanagawa University of Japan paid an official visit to our university authorities, in order to establish possible cooperation liaisons.

During the visit held on 7 March, the representatives of the International Center of the institution demonstrated interest in the areas of Engineering, Business and Languages, focusing on undergraduate programs for student exchange and academic level relationship.

The last meeting of the protocol visit was headed by the Vice Rector for Outreach and Engagement, Dr. Karina Arias Yurish, and the Director of International and Interinstitutional Relations Anoek van den Berg.

After the visit, the Director of International Relations stated that, "the purpose of establishing cooperation relations with Kanagawa is, above all, to foster student mobility at the undergraduate level, for the academic programs in translation of the Faculty of Humanities. The emphasis is on receiving senior students from Kanagawa for internships here, to give do their internships in teaching classes."

He added that they also seek to establish "scientific collaboration for the project Smart City Lab, and to define a program in English of the Faculty of Administration and Economics in order to receive students from Japan.”

For the guest, PhD. Akihiro Matoba, director of the International Center, "given the context of our institution, it is very important that our students can go abroad to meet people, make friends, and contribute as a mechanism for achieving world peace," he emphasized.

For his part, Professor Simon John, coordinator of the languages program of the International Center, stresses "the importance of the exchange of students with academic area, for more interaction between countries and so they can enhance cooperation and collaboration at the global level."

On the U. of Kanagawa

Founded in 1928 by Yoshimori Yoneda as Academy of Yokohama, it began as a night school for youth workers.

Today, the University of Kanagawa provides strong training in the area of engineering, humanities, sciences, law, business, and promotion of sports, which have turned their graduates into prestigious entrepreneurs, political leaders, writers, architects, athletes, actors, musicians, scientists, engineers, and developers of video games, among others.

Most notable graduates include Hideo Kamio, vice-president of Toyota; Takeo Masuda, vice-president of ITOCHU; and Yuuhei Sato, Governor of the Fukushima Prefecture.


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