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Brazilian students spend time with USACH peers who will study abroad during the second semester

tandem brasil usach
El programa “USACH sin Fronteras”, convocó a estudiantes internacionales a que presentaran su idioma y cultura para estrechar lazos y potenciar el intercambio estudiantil mediante el fortalecimiento de habilidades interculturales.

The “USACH without Borders” program invited international students to present on their language and culture in order to strengthen ties and student exchange by fostering intercultural skills.

The “Brazil Tandem” event was held this past June 28th. It was organized by “USACH without Borders,” part of the Department of International and Inter-University Relations (DRII). 

In this activity, Brazilian exchange students presented on their culture and language to USACH students who will study abroad in Brazil and other students interested in learning about new cultures. What stood out most was the introduction to the Portuguese language, with useful phrases and the most important aspects for living in Brazil.

It should be noted that the increase in our university's students who are studying abroad is thanks to the different agreements reached by the DRII for all who are interested, and Brazil is one of the top destinations. According to the Department's figures, 182 students traveled outside Chile in 2018, reflecting a 20% increase over the previous year. At the same time, a large number of foreign students are choosing our campus for their study abroad experience, and to make their arrival more enjoyable, a team of students called “USACH without Borders” has been organized to assist this new group of students.

Eugenia Aedo, student coordinator for the USACH without Borders program comments that, “this program offers support for international students, since people often feel more vulnerable in another country, far from home; so as monitors we teach them about how the university works, we take them to museums, we tell them about our history, culture and most important poets, so that they feel more at home.” 

Taisa Salgueiro, a Brazilian student in the Environmental Engineering program says, “I loved the activity and to know that there are people interested in Brazil, our culture and our language. Everyone was excited to hear from us, because they are going to my country or they are studying something related to Portuguese. I also told them about my experience living here, and I’m happy to be able to help them and for the Chileans to be able to count on the Brazilians.”

Likewise, Pedro Rubbioli Amorim, an electrical engineering student, thanked the program, “The encounter was a really nice experience, since it's not every day that I get the chance to teach about my language and culture. The Chilean students were really interested in learning, and they even spoke a little bit of Portuguese. The tandem was a way to thank USACH for everything they have done for me this semester, especially “USACH without Borders,” because without them, these events wouldn’t be possible.”

We want to invite all students interested in participating in the “USACH without Borders” volunteer program during the second semester of 2019 to register here and experience a student exchange on your own campus!