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German Academic Exchange Service held info session for USACH researchers

The activity was coordinated by the Department of International Relations (DRII) with the objective of providing information on funding and research opportunities in Germany.
On Tuesday, July 18, the informative talk “Study and Research in Germany” was held, coordinated jointly by the Department of International Relations (DRII) of the University of Santiago de Chile and the German Academic Exchange Service. The activity took place in the auditorium of the Rector Eduardo Morales Santos Building.
The German Academic Exchange Service (known as DAAD for its name in German) is an organization for the promotion of exchange between German universities and universities around the world. A presentation was given by Claudia Rodriguez and Melanie Magenschab, study advisors of the organization, to attendees in the auditorium of the research building.
The activity began with the words of the Director of the Department of International Relations, Fernando Olmos Galleguillos, who greeted and welcomed the attendees and highlighted the close inter-institutional relationship between the University of Santiago de Chile and the DAAD. He also emphasized that “the University has a relevant number of agreements with Germany. It ranks third in terms of the number of agreements and the flow of students and academics. This provides us with the confidence that we can do even more, and in fact, there are currently three other comprehensive agreements with German universities under subscription.”
The DAAD representatives’ presentation in Santiago included a brief introduction about the organization, the research environment in Germany and existing doctoral, research, and teaching scholarship programs. They also highlighted the top 10 reasons for doing research in Germany: variety, cost, international recognition, language, global environment, scholarships, quality, infrastructure, flexibility, and the advantages of being in Europe.
In terms of scholarships, the DAAD advisors mentioned different alternatives, including, at the doctoral level, the DAAD/Becas Chile Scholarship, co-financed with ANID to begin and complete a doctoral program in Germany, in any discipline, with funding for a maximum of 4 years. The Research Scholarship: Doctoral Program in Germany, to begin or complete doctoral studies in Germany, in any discipline, with funding for a maximum of 4 years. 
In research and teaching, some of the alternatives mentioned were the Stays for teachers and researchers (research stays of 1 to 3 months in universities or research centers) and the Bilateral Exchange (from a duration of 14 days to 3 months).
It is important to mention that the DAAD held this talk exclusively for researchers from the University of Santiago of Chile. However, members of the Campus who were unable to attend or who have further questions, can contact them directly through their various channels (email:, telephone: +56 9 3547 5060, social networks: @daadchile) and website:
To conclude, the Department of International Relations and the German Academic Exchange Service have scheduled another activity, this time focusing on opportunities for USACH students. This info session will be held on August 16. Details and the registration form will published in due time through Usach International channels.