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From Argentina: USACH receives first academic mobility in 2023

Dr. Hernán Svoboda, director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the UBA, stayed for a week in our University, gave two lectures, worked and shared experiences with students and academics of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering.
The Incoming Academic Mobility by programs of the Association of Universities Grupo Montevideo (AUGM) recorded its first activity of 2023, embodied in the stay of Dr. Hernán Svoboda, director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), in our University.
Dr. Svoboda's mobility was managed by Usach International, and his stay was accompanied by Dr. Alberto Monsalve of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering USACH. During the week, the UBA academic gave two talks, worked and shared experiences with students and academics.
"The experience has been very good. From the organization, the administrative and operational issues, the accommodation, the attention of Professor Monsalve, who was very concerned about accompanying me, always being very attentive to any need. And from the academic point of view, very good too. I have been in contact with the different professors of the department, chatting and talking about topics of common interest", said Dr. Hernán Svoboda, about this, his first academic mobility in AUGM and his first visit to the University of Santiago.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, the visiting professor gave two lectures on topics related to mechanical and metallurgical engineering. The first of these was on "Advanced Welding Processes for Modern Materials" and the second on "Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials: Processes, microstructure and properties".
Regarding the lectures, Dr. Hernán Svoboda commented that "the subject of welding is one that is very present in manufacturing processes. There are four or five classic processes, historical from the 20th century to date, and welding is one of them. It is very likely that any mechanical or metallurgical engineer in his professional practice will come across welding issues".
As for additive manufacturing, the academic emphasized that "it is an even more relevant topic. It is closely linked to welding and is a very current technology that is part of the fourth industrial revolution. So it is a very topical subject with a lot of projection".
It should be noted that the University of Santiago of Chile participates in different international and national networks that allow the academic community to carry out teaching and research activities in other higher education institutions. Usach International facilitates and supports the entry and exit of academics within the framework of official calls and invitations for a multiplicity of opportunities.